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Account hacked


If account was "shared" - more than 1 person had access to the account - administration retains the right to refuse account hack investigation.

Attention: if you lie and during investigation we see that account was used by many persons, you will get a permanent ban without right of appeal.

If anyone else had access to account, besides the owner, account hack is out of the question.
1. Pose all claims to the person who had access to account.
2. Administration implemented free service "IP protection"
If you didn't set up protection for your IP and that of the 2nd person - administration won't investigate account hack appeals, which you may see in server rules.
Sorry, but it's up to you to take care of your information security.
Note that IP protection on website is also necessary to protect your game account!

You must improve account protection (change passwords for account and registration e-mail, set up IP filter) before submitting a ticket about account hack.
If you are scammed again after the items have been restored by the support, your second claim processing may take twice as long.

Account hacked

If your registration e-mail is hacked, please, read the following >>>

If you are the only person having access to the account (nobody else has the password) submit your ticket to support through this help desk.

Please, provide in your message:
1 Date and time of your last login to your account:...
2. The list of items stolen/disappeared:
3. Your IP /if it's dynamic, write mask (ip class)/: ...
4. Outside IP in LogIn's log, date and time of this IP login
You may see it in "LogIn Logs" in account panel

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