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Ban appeal/Ban on a false charge


Only account owner must write to support on ban issues from his/her account, and not his/her friends, siblings or pets.
If server rules were violated not by account owner, but by someone he gave access to - it may not be considered basis for unbanning.

Ban appeal

When you write to administration on ban issues, first of all provide:

1. Ban reason*:...
2. Ban time and date*: ...
* Reason, date and time may be seen in "Ban list" on website.
3. What’s your purpose in writing this message: ...

If you are accused of account hack, but the access was given to you by the owner

If you don't accept your ban and have exculpatory proof, please provide following information:

1. Account that you allegedly hacked:...
2. Character that you allegedly robbed:...
3. Nick of the character who gave you password to the account:...
4. When it was given to you (date and time GMT+3) in game chats:...

If we see in logs that account and password were really given to you - you'll be unbanned. If this info was sent to you by ICQ etc. - it can't be proved, so the ban will remain.

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