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Disclaimer: This server is provided to you on "free to play" basis, so administration will not be giving any guarantee or accept/satisfy any claims.

1. Players are not allowed to:
   1.1 Use any kind of 3rd party software (l2control, l2walker, l2ranger, l2phx, l2net, l2Wx, ACP, hLapex, Uopilot, l2ext, l2shadow etc).
       1.1.1 Be in one party with a bot. If bot is detected, the full party will be punished.
   1.2 Interfere or mess with client-server data packet exchange.
   1.3 Take advantage of the server bugs (including geodata flaws).
   1.4 Use ingame names containing offensive/obscene language.
   1.5 Impersonate server Administraiton/GMs or act on behalf of server Administration/GMs.
   1.6 Flood or flame in the game chats.
   1.7 Buy, sell or exchange ingame goods/adena/accounts for real goods/currency.
   1.8 Advertise other projects, servers or sites in game.
   1.9 Discuss Administration/GMs' actions in game. 
   1.10 Scam other players (steal/hack accounts). Ingame scamming, when only the player's attention is involved, IS allowed! So please, be careful what you buy.
   1.11 Insult other players, server Administration or GMs.
   1.12 Violate the rules.

2. Players may:
   2.1 Use official RPG-club trade bot for trade purposes only and only in town.
      2.1.1 Write for trade only to trade chat 1 time in 1 minute, no more.
   2.2 Use multiple accounts simultaneously. See the rule 1.3.
   2.3 Apply minor modifications to the client files (as long as it not interferes with gameplay or giving significant advantage to the player)
   2.4 Ask questions and/or suggest ideas for server improvement.
   2.5 Follow the rules.
   2.6 Use IP protection
   2.7 Give access to their account to other players. BUT by giving your account to anyone, you take on responsibility for everything that may happen to it (scam, ban, e-mail or password change etc). Administration don't investigate such appeals.
3. Players are encouraged to:
   3.1 Play.
   3.2 Play fair.
   3.3 Respect other players, Administration and GMs.
   3.4 Report players violating these rules to Administration/GM.
   3.5 Report server bugs to Administration/GM.
   3.6 Use "bot report" button if other player is suspected to be a bot.
   3.7 Follow the rules. 

4. Punishment for rules violation will be decided by Administration/GMs according to offense severity.
   4.1 Current standard punishment for bot usage: 1 month GM-room.
   4.2 Current standard punishment for use rpg-bot not for trade: 1 month GM-room.
Attention! In case of a repeat violation punishment duration doubles. Administration retains the right to permanently ban players in special cases.

5. Rules may be changed by Administration at any time without notice.

6. Lack of knowledge of these rules does not free the player from responsibility in any way.

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